Fast. Simple. Secure. Hello, BACKLOT 

It is now safe to say that every professional actor is not only submitted for roles electronically but asked to audition by recording a “self-Tape”. Physical in-room auditions and casting calls are being held less and less, with everything being done electronically, casting agents and producers opting to simply send out self-tape audition requests instead, saving them both time and money.  With approximately 200,000 working actors in North America alone, the need for a secure audition and pitch delivery is huge. There is no industry standard for this rapidly growing trend in the entertainment industry. There’s a great need and concern being voiced by Actors, Agents, Casting directors and Entertainment Executives to streamline the organization, delivery, and storage of audition videos safely, easily and Securely.

The problems actors are facing are how to easily record, edit, store and deliver audition videos that are properly labelled, formatted, streamable, downloadable, password protected and delivered from their own personal page.

The problem the industry is facing is Organization, Storage and Security of project audition videos. Networks and executives are all nervous about material and videos being “leaked” online. Aside from security, the biggest complaint we hear from Agency’s is receiving tapes that are sent from multiple different sources Hightail, Wii transfer etc all have to be dealt with one by one. Not labelled, have to be downloaded to view, or completely reformatted to upload. With hundreds of audition videos being sent, shared, viewed and discussed every day, the need for a standard secure organized platform is strong.

Backlot will provide Actors with a solution. With the overwhelming majority of auditions being done on smartphones, the Backlot smartphone app lets actors record and send auditions, along with a resume, demo reel and pics.  The talent rep can securely stream/download/ upload audition or forward it to Casting, Producers and whoever needs to see it. Always properly labelled by project and role.

Backlot will also offer a landing or ‘receiving” platform to Agents and Management companies. Easily organizing the audition tapes by project and role. Eliminating the hours of daily work and frustrations of reformatting, labelling, uploading downloading actors videos. It will work with the Backlot app and seamlessly place each video where it should be and ready for secure digital sharing.

A landslide shift in the entertainment community. With everything moving quickly toward all digital formats and major casting decisions being made from handheld devices, the industry has been left scrambling to catch up to itself and forced to use tech developed for other purposes. So tired and frustrated with continually trying to jam the square peg into the round hole Hogan studied the challenges, confusion and need for a solution this created and started the development of Backlot.

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