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Check out the Actor FAQ and Executive FAQ for more frequently asked questions or contact us directly with your inquiry.

What is BACKLOT?2018-05-22T15:05:18+00:00

BACKLOT is the fast, simple, and secure way to submit self-taped auditions right from your mobile device.  
Designed with Actors in mind, BACKLOT streamlines the process of taping, submitting and sharing auditions in an easy to use secure environment.

I’m an Actor. Why should I use BACKLOT?2018-06-28T15:07:39+00:00

Actors can use BACKLOT to manage their career quickly, easily & securely, from any mobile device.
As an Actor you can:

  • Film and upload your best self-taped auditions anytime, anywhere.
  • Send self-taped auditions and demo reels in a secure environment. No more leaked tapes!
  • Easily add and update resumes, headshots and talent rep information.
  • Link to talent reps, press and social media networks.
  • Monitor your stats: See how many times an audition has been viewed and downloaded.
  • Control how long auditions are available for viewing.
I’m an Executive. Why should I use BACKLOT?2018-06-28T15:02:47+00:00

Executives can use BACKLOT to organize and track projects, roles, submissions and requests in a secure environment. 

As an Executive you can:

  • Securely stream, download and upload self-taped auditions.
  • Share auditions and talent information with casting agents, producers, executives and more within Backlot’s secure environment. No more leaked auditions.
  • Create and manage projects and organize by role
  • Send self-tape requests to anyone in your talent roster
  • Easily update and manage your talent roster
  • Submit/Pitch talent with a click of a button
Who is considered an “Executive?”2018-05-29T19:04:05+00:00

An Executive can be a casting agent, talent rep, director etc. Executives are anyone who is not an Actor. 

But I’m an Actor/Director. Which do I choose?2018-05-29T19:04:42+00:00

Both. You can sign up as an Actor and an Executive.

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